[TN-Bird] Golden Plover Still Present, Clark Road pond, Wash. Co.

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Reece Jamerson called me this afternoon (Oct. 1) to report success looking for 
American Golden-Plover at pond on Clark's Road in Wash. Co., TN.
After work, I went with my mother, Peggy Stevens, to look for the bird. We 
arrived about 6:30 p.m. and probably found bird about 10 minutes later.

We could not find the bird from the road near the pond, but when I walked the 
fence row to a dip in the field? between two rises, I startled a small group of 
Killdeer, and the Golden was among them. Earlier I had seen some Killdeer 
disappear over the first rise near the pond. We got great looks through a scope.

We also had a Palm Warbler on the barbed wire fence.

We didn't make it to West View Pond, but Reece reported only Pectoral 
Sandpiper, Wilson's Snipe and Killdeer.

Bryan Stevens,
Hampton, TN

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