[TN-Bird] Giant Owlets

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I was a little concerned about the owls at Ft. Patrick Henry Dam after the 
frightful night of storms that we endured so I stopped by to check on them.  It 
has been less than a week since my last check in but things have changed.  
Owlets that were just a few weeks ago barely visible are now taking up most of 
the nest.  Perhaps they swell when they get wet...;-)  Anywho, they are still 
hard to make out due to the distance.  I was either looking at large fluffy 
babies or momma has carried Precious the poodle to her nest.  

The Herons were sitting atop their nests, swaying back and forth in the high 
winds.  I counted 12 occupied nests.  In great abundance were Tree Swallows.  I 
counted at least 50.  Needless to say it is no small feat to count swallows who 
are busy feeding.

Have a hoot of a day!
Michelle King
Blountville, TN
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