[TN-Bird] Re: Getting to Ensley bottoms (The Pits, Earth Complex) in Memphis

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"John Walko" <walko@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Highly recommend first time visitors to post a request try to link up with
> someone from Memphis to visit this area for the first time. It is very 
> large
> and imposing area. Check in at office to tell them your there. Also the 
> area, plant, their ponds etc is off limits now due to homeland security
> purposes.

You said "their ponds" are off limits. The large tailing pond ( top of the 
to the right of those huge piles of coal ) is open and has a convenient 
road next to it. Here you may see ducks, gulls, and hawks in the autumn,
grebes, kingfishers and cormorants in the summer. The "Homeland
Security" people have watched us bird there for years.

> Stay out of way of the trucks and tractors, stay in the dry areas
> of the paths. Don't fall in the water! (Supposedly that's what it is.) 
> Enjoy
> the Treatment Plant, Earth Complex, Ensley Bottoms or "The Pits". Your
> olfactory senses will be pushed to the limits here, weak stomachs may not 
> be
> able to take the smell...

We have a jar of Vicks Vapo-Rub in the bird-mobile. Dab a little under
the nose and imagine that you're in Cancun, treating a slight chest cold.
Robert Fowler
Memphis TN 

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