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Perhaps some of our subscribers might find this information of  
interest. I, too, don't want to stir controversy but am forwarding  
this in the hope that some will find it helpful.
Virginia Reynolds
Memphis. TN
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> I'm not interested in reviving the cats vs. birds debate, but  
> thought some of you might be interested in this email sent via the  
> Partners in Flight Implementation Committee.  There are bibs you  
> can purchase for cats that significantly reduce the numbers of  
> wildlife they kill.  See below for details if you're interested.
> Nick Winstead
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> Subject: Fw: "Cat Bibs" to reduce bird kills
> I just read about this in Conservation
> Magazine--
> http://www.catgoods.com/index.html
> Some folks in Australia developed a neoprene "cat bib" that
> significantly reduces cats' ability to kill birds and other wildlife
> (both by visual cue to prey and some interference with the cat's
> hunting). The bibs were independently tested by folks at Murdoch
> University in Perth. In the US, the bibs are sold online by Cat  
> Goods in
> Oregon.
> If you have cats and can't keep them indoors, this is worth
> investigating.
> I just wish I could put them on all the cats in our neighborhood.
> -Chris Paige
> Ravenworks Ecology
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