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1 Dec 2009
Musick's Campground
South Holston Lake
Sullivan County, TN
The hummingbird coming to feeders at the campground, was captured today at
8:06 am.

It is an adult (AHY) female Rufous Hummingbird hatched in 2008 or before.

It had been previously banded and wore an "E" series prefix which indicates
it had been banded fairly recently.

Mark Armstrong, curator of birds at the Knoxville Zoo, drove from Knoxville
to capture and identify it in hand as a  Rufous.

Armstrongs hopes to have information on who banded this bird, when and where
either this evening or Wednesday.

The bird was first seen at the feeder 4 Nov 2009 by Shannon Miller of the
Tennessee Dept. Of Health.  He called it to Mae Musick's attention. Miller
thought it was a late season hummer.  He is not a birder.  Musick said she
has been watching the bird daily since Miller called it to her attention.

The bird was first was first known to the birding community when it was
posted to the net 24 Nov 2009 by Roy Knispel who had seen it that day with
Gil Deroun.

Armstrong is now enroute to Greeneville TN to band another hummer coming to
a feeder.  It is at a feeder where another hummer was banded about seven
years. The only other birds in East Tennessee are two at Alcoa which have
not yet been banded.

Let's go birding . . . .

Wallace Coffey
Bristol TN

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