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Glen asked me to forward this to TN-Birds.

Roy Knispel

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Today, May 15, Peter Range, Harry Lee Farthing and I birded in parts of Hawkins & Hancock Counties with some interesting sightings. On highway 70 in Hawkins Co. going over Clinch mountain towards Kyles Ford we stopped at 3-4 pulloffs going down the mountain and were treated to 3-5 singing male Cerulean Warblers. In the Kyles Ford WMA we had several Bob-white, lots of Prairie Warblers & Chats, white-eyed Vireos, Orchard Orioles and a single Blue Grosbeak. Near the end of the WMA we found a colony of 40-50 Purple Martins. On Chestnut Ridge Road we found a lot of the same species but added Yellow-throated Vireo, Blackpoll Warbler & Spotted Sandpipers. On Alder Road we found several Yellow-billed Cuckoo's, La Water-thrush, Kentucky Warbler, Great-crested & Acadian Flycatchers. To end our morning of great birding we stopped at the River Place Resturant for lunch and were treated to 3-4 Prothonotary Warblers. Lots of good birds in an area that is seldom birded.

Glen Eller


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