[TN-Bird] Fw: Cedar Waxwings

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This was sent earlier and didn't make it.  I noted that someone else has 
mentioned Cedar Waxwings today.  I do not see them often and when I do they are 
in flocks.   So the lone bird was unusual to observe, I thought.  But perhaps 
they were nesting since the second one joined it and they flew away together.
I hope so.  I have no idea where they nest... habitat, etc.  The more one 
learns about birds, the more there is to learn.  You may quote me.  Too bad it 
is not an original.

Tess Cumbie  Buladean, NC

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The location was the Roan Mountain coming off Carver's Gap on the North 
Carolina side.  Journeying down the steep slope and into the upper part of the 
valley I identified a lone Cedar Waxwing calmly sitting on a slender branch of  
a very dead tree... This bird was alone for a while, as I observed, it was 
joined by another.  After greeting each other by moving into a position very 
close together, the two flew off together.

At the top, the mountain had seemingly just cleared from a cleansing rain.  The 
air felt clean and especially warm for this area. (Usually even in July there 
is a chill in the air.)  There were birds everywhere.  Towhees, Juncos, and 
American Goldfinches were easy to identify at Carver's Gap.  There were others 
I could not be sure of since there was so much moisture in the air and they 
were situated in the tops of the balsam firs.  I have neglected my birding for 
a while and I realize whatever skills I had have become rusty.  

Driving on up toward the toll booth, I heard a warbler like song.  One time.  
Impatient I left,  it was getting late...  But I was pleasantly surprised at 
the number of birds I saw, the songs I heard and the warmth and the clean air 
of the mountain.  Late in the day around seven pm.    

There are always lots of cars in the parking lot but even though there was some 
movement and talk, there was quietness.  Tonight I counted 15 cars.  Hikers 
could be seen coming down off the trail with their backpacks on and their 
sweaters tied around their waist.  A  place to just  take a few moments to 
relax and to become aware of this special place.. and along with every thing 
else enjoy the birds.

Tess Cumbie
Mitchell County  Buladean, NC

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