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I apologize for all the posts today.  I have been off line and just set up my 
computer today after having it serviced.  I don't know why many messages were 
sent.  I am getting duplicates of everything here, too.
Tommie Rogers
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  While birding at Nickajack today in Marion county, I saw and photographed an 
Ash-throated Flycatcher.  I took the Hale town exit and drove toward the dam.  
On the left side of the hwy. is a small lake which has water flowing into it 
from the main body of the river.  Just past the lake is a small roadside park 
where people usually go to watch the bats which reside in a cave beside the 
park.  The gate is usually locked to this park.  Today it was open so I drove 
into the park, turned right and stopped beside a large picnic shelter.  Several 
Eastern Wood Pewees were in the trees along with other Neotropical migrants.  
The Ash-throated Flycatcher was among the birds staying close to the ground as 
it perched or fed.  I believe it is an immature bird because the tail feathers 
are all uneven in length and I did not see a dark tip on the tail which 
indicates an adult.  It did not vocalize.

  Tommie Rogers
  Marion county

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