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We have mentioned in the past just how much pleasure we have had from our e=
fforts to maintain a small running-water feature. The small plastic dish, a=
bout 2" diameter and a couple of inches deep, fitted with a small Gourd imm=
ersion pump sending an adjustable flow out of the mouth of a metal fish, at=
tracts all sorts of birds to the splashing sound of water on the rocks. It =
is situted right up against the undergrowth of a well-grown woodland, so th=
ere is a lot of shelter.  This weekend we saw 24 species. These were, in no=
 particular order, Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, Field Sparrow, White-throate=
d Sparrow, Common Grackle, Red-wing Blackbird, American Robin, Tennessee Wa=
rbler, Connecticut Warbler,Red-eyed Vireo, White-breasted Nuthatch, Yellow-=
rumped Warbler, Rufous-sided Towhee, Cardinal, Carolina Wren, American Gold=
finch, Indigo Bunting, Red-breasted Woodpecker, Blue Jay, Eastern Bluebird,=
 Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Summer Tananger, and a glimpse of a Thrush (?Swain=
son's is usual). Some other regulars, like the Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers,=
 were not actually seen on the water feature. The funniest thing was one of=
 our company of Fox Squirrels. He has a habit of sitting with his rear in t=
he birdbath on the deck, this time he backed up to the water jet from the f=
ish, exactly as if he knew the value of a bidet! Ah well. Ralph and Kay Bri=
nkhurst, Lebanon, Wilson Co.
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