[TN-Bird] Frozen weather brings in the birds

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  • Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2015 16:42:22 -0500


Pretty much the same story here as throughout the state in regards to the 
ice/snow/freezing temperatures here at our place in Anderson County. We had a 
layer of ice first and then about 1.5 inches of snow the other day. Then the 
night temps. got down to 4 and then 3 deg. Thursday and Friday mornings. Then 
we started getting some birds that normally don’t show up here. So far we’ve 
had 26 species. Highlights below:

Sharp-shinned Hawk – hard enough to see this species anywhere anymore, but one 
zoomed through the yard yesterday and landed in a small bush at the edge of our 
yard. I managed to find it and watched it for a while, getting probably the 
best look I’ve ever had of this species, as they can be amazingly shy at times. 
While it was sitting there, about 6 feet off the ground and looking around, a 
Dark-eyed Junco made the mistake of wandering along the ground under the bush 
feeding. The sharpie pounced and got a nice meal-time snack effortlessly. Sweet 
(at least for the sharpie!).

Blue Jay – normally we get a couple off and on, then yesterday we had 10. A new 
high count for the yard.

Hermit Thrush – 2 of these winter beauties have been in the yard for about a 
week now. ALWAYS a treat.

Brown Thrasher – normally we don’t see them much here, but we’ve had 2 the past 
couple of days.

Fox Sparrow – ALWAYS a treat but we usually don’t get them much. We may go 
several years in between sightings, but today we had 4! That was also a new 
high count for the yard.

Purple Finch – Not common here but we had a pair today.

Rusty Blackbird!!!! – surprise of the day and a new yard bird (#115). We rarely 
get blackbirds here, as our place is at the end of the road and is backed up 
against a wooded ridge, away from the town of Oak Ridge, so this guy was a 
complete surprise. Double sweet!

Great birding,
Ron Hoff and Dollyann Myers
Clinton, TN

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