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Oct. 20, 2007

Mississippi River,

Ensley Bottoms,

Shelby Co. TN
Arkabutla Lake
Tate Co. MS

There was good movement on the river on Friday with lots of Coots and 
Pied-billed Grebe in pods floating south. In the air were large groups of DC 
Cormorants and my first of season skein of mixed Snow and Blue Geese of about 
44 birds.

This morning there were more cormorants, coots and grebes plus about 4 
Ring-billed Gulls. Another grebe was holding up in an eddy to the north and 
rode up?in the water like an Eared but the ID would have to wait till the 
afternoon. Small flocks of Green and Blue-winged Teal along with Shovelers were 
pulled up and resting along the sand bars. Just as I was about to head south to 
the pits, 7 FRANKLIN'S GULLS roared south, skimming the water. They were the 
first of many more seen?there in the 

At the pits the Least Sandpiper numbers had been halved with Killdeer and a 
single Dunlin and Lesser Yellowlegs were the only others left in the mix. Two 
Harriers, 2 Cooper's, a Red-shouldered and 6 Red-tails with 4 Kestrels the only 
falcon representatives present. The only two groups of White Pelican's lazily 
floated south and totaled 88 birds.

I headed down to Tunica Co, in Mississippi,?trying to find rice harvesting in 
progress but I only found idle?combines and talked to a farmer that told me the 
rain had the grain too wet but it would probably be ready late in the afternoon 
or Sunday. I then headed over to Arkabutla Lake and hit a bonanza of white 
birds at the swimming beach along with two groups a couple of hundred yards out 
in the lake. Mixed in with the 135 Forster's Terns on the beach and a pod of 
220 sitting out in the lake (355 is my top number ever around here) I was able 
to pull out two Common Terns, two?Bonaparte's Gulls (my first of season)?and a 
BIG?(Little) SURPRISE, a late Black?Tern. Gull wise there were a couple of 
hundred Ring-billed Gulls and a?second year Laughing Gull plus another 22 

Back in Memphis at the river this afternoon, the coot's had formed a large 
group of over 200 birds with a few ducks mixed in, the mystery grebe had come 
down to the eddy at Dacus Bar and it was an Eared (fos). Looking far up river, 
flashing wings drew my attention, I jumped out of the truck and photograhed 72 
FRANKLIN'S GULLS flying right on top of the water but they would not fly under 
the bridge; they pulled up, circled and went over the big M, dropping again to 
the deck and hurried south. Not as good as the over 3800 Franklin's Nancy Moore 
and I had a few years back up at Tiptonville but I'll take 101 Franklin's any 
day around here!!! They are lovely birds, More tomorrow??

Jeff R. Wilson
Ol'Coot / TLBA
Bartlett, TN

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