[TN-Bird] Feeder birds give new meaning to SUN deck

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  • Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2006 14:09:21 EDT

Hello Birders,
Every day, while I enjoy my lunch here in the Charlotte Park section of  West 
Nashville, Davidson County, one of my blue jays arrives on the deck to take  
a "sun bath."  The bird flattens out on its belly, spreads its tail and  wings 
out, twists its neck so its head has one side to the floor and opens its  
beak wide to lay in the open sun for about five minutes.  All this time, it  
looks as if it's a dead blue jay laying there.  Most times, the blue jay  
out RIGHT ON TOP OF the bird seed which I put on a piece of  linoleum on the 
deck (keeps it from falling through the cracks in the  floor).  I guess it 
gives the bird control in "protecting" its food  source.
At least one male cardinal and one mourning dove are part of the sun  bathers 
"society," only they do not have such regular time schedules.  The  mourning 
dove does pretty much the same routine as the blue jay, but the  cardinal not 
only flattens out on the floor of the deck but has another favorite  position. 
 The cardinal often gets onto the seat of a chair and spreads one  wing out 
across the seat, but droops the other wing down the side of the  chair.
I've been lucky enough to get several photos of the blue jay and the  
cardinal all splayed out in their sun bathing fashion.
Cheers & prayers,
Dee Thompson
Nashville, TN

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