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  • From: Thomas Pitts <dpitts@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2010 18:01:31 -0500

The 2010 Fall Symposium will include a three-part presentation and
discussion of changes in bird species abundance in Tennessee.  Rick Knight
has agreed to give an East Tennessee perspective and Dick Preston will
summarize West Tennessee changes.  A Middle Tennessee representative will be
announced later (any volunteers?).  Each regional representative will make a
presentation in which they identify five species whose numbers have recently
increased, another five species whose numbers have decreased, and then
speculate about some species that are not currently showing either
significant increases or decreases but may do so in the near future.  Each
presentation will be followed by a discussion period.  What species would
you nominate for each of the three categories from your home county?  Please
give it some thought and come prepared to share your ideas.
Time is available for additional presentations.  If you would like to make a
presentation, please contact David Pitts (dpitts@xxxxxxx or 731.587.9457)
after 15 August.
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the publication of Dixon L.
Merritt's pelican limerick, perhaps the best known of all bird limericks.
As a tribute to Mr. Merritt, one of the TOS founders, and simply for the fun
of it, attendees are asked to write an original limerick dealing with birds
(or TOS?) and then share it at the Fall Meeting.  An appropriate prize may
be awarded for the best (or worst?) entry.  If you cannot attend the Fall
Meeting but would like to submit your limerick, please send it to David
Pitts (dpitts@xxxxxxx) and a written copy will be posted at the meeting.
Those who attended the symposium last year may remember the study skins
("birds on sticks") that were part of Pitts' presentation. (Who could forget
their mothball odor?  No study skins this year!)  Steve Routledge
commemorated that presentation with the following limerick:
TOS had a speaker named Pitts
Who discussed many avian obits,
When asked what you should do
once the bird's life is through
He said, "First find a stick that juust fits"!
Hope to see you at Manchester on 1-3 October.

David Pitts
Martin, TN

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