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First of two messages forwarded from CarolinaBirds listserv mentioning
some noteworthy (for summer) birds including Swainson's Thrush and 
Yellow-rumped Warbler at Roan Mt on the TN/NC border.

Dean Edwards
Knoxville, TN

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Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 22:34:32 -0400
From: Jacob Socolar
To: carolinabirds
Subject: Mountain birds last weekend

Hello all,
Ali Iyoob, Scott Winton, and I birded on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Roan
Mountain this past weekend, finding some cool birds.  Ali probably knows our
birdlists much better than I do, but highlights included:

>From the Blue Ridge Parkway:
Ruffed Grouse at the roadside somewhere north of Balsam Gap.
Hermit Thrush atop Mount Mitchell.
Several Cerulean Warblers near Bull Creek.

>From the Roan Mountain Vicinity:
3 Bobwhites singing atop Round Bald.  (It was fun to find Grouse, Quail, and
Turkey in one trip!)
10-11 Alder Flycatchers along the Appalachian Trail from Carvers Gap to the
saddle past Jane Bald.  One bird could be found from the Carvers Gap parking
lot without hiking.
White-eyed Vireo singing at about 5,600 feet on Round Bald (next to Carvers
Swainson's Thrush heard from Round Bald.
Several Hermit Thrush heard from the top of Roan Mountain.
Golden-winged Warbler at the Hampton Creek Preserve in Tennessee.
A few Magnolia Warblers atop Roan Mountain.
A couple of Yellow-rumped Warblers at Carvers Gap.
Numerous Vesper sparrows atop Round Bald including an adult carrying food.
A group of 10 or so Red Crossbills flying over Carver's Gap.  I was not
quick enough with my mic to get recordings of the flight calls...

>From the Elk Knob Gamelands:
A large beetle (some sort of June Beetle, Ali tells us) impaled through the
abdomen on a barbed wire fence right at the saddle at the high point of 
Mountain Road, suggestive of the presence (or recent presence) of a Shrike
in the vicinity.
Least Flycatchers a little bit down the road to the east.

State birds and lifers were had by all.
The Crossbills, Cerulean Warblers, and Alder Flycatchers were state birds
for me, and the Golden-winged Warbler was a 'nemesis' lifer!

Good birding all,
Jacob Socolar
Chapel Hill NC/Princeton NJ
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