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Thought I would forward this along from the Carolina listserv.

Dean Edwards
Knoxville, TN

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Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2010 19:41:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kevin Caldwell 
To: Carolina Birds 
Subject: AT birding - pt counts / 2010

For this breeding season, I may be coordinating (pending notice from the 
ATC) a pilot point count program using in the AT as a transect in line 
with the ATC / NPS "MEGA-Transect" program which seeks to collect 
"baseline" data on many indicator groups along the AT, one of which is 

Although this is tentative and might fall through for this area, I would 
like to invite experienced birders with strong-song skills (and sight) to 
participate in counts on one or more specific routes of 10 to 15 points 
per site, potentially doing some sites 2 to 3 times depending on the # and 
skill of volunteers. Most sites will be access-ready as so many roads 
bisect the AT at all elevations in our region - but some remote, hike-in / 
multi-day sites will be planned too.

This is only a pilot phase and ultimately the goal is to use the Mountain 
Birdwatch protocols (Ver 2.0) but on the AT in the future, which focus on 
data collection of focal species in key habitats and achieving a certain 
number of counts for data relevance.  But for now we will do some recon in 
high / mid / low elevations at areas of concentrated rare bird records, 
outdated rare bird records, areas entirely lacking rare species also. 
We'll be documenting all species but very focused on locating / relocating 
rare & critical species.

There is a lot to be firmed up still, but for now - because the breeding 
season for neotropicals will be firing up in late April - we'd like to get 
some people lined up. If we can get even 2 to 4 qualified vols I'll be 
happy.  Again, this is fully pilot level, but it would get you out on the 
AT doing some preliminary data collection.  Again - you must have serious 
song-ID skills and high frequency hearing (creeper / kinglet style!)

If interested please email me at mtssea AT yahoo.com.

On another note I was lucky to catch a huge kettle of turkey vultures 
while driving today, Hwy 25/70 northwest of Weaverville NC about 2 miles. 
Someone on carobirds repoted blue-headed vireos in Old Fort today, so I 
hope we'll all be graced with them again soon. Last year the first waves, 
along with yellow-rumps were going ape on our newly opened red maple 

Kevin Caldwell
Conservation Biologist
Mountains-to-Sea Ecological, Inc.
828-551-8225 / MtsSea@xxxxxxxxx
87 Ivy Bluffs Rd / Marshall, NC 28753
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