[TN-Bird] Egrets @ Leadville and Rankin.

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Birders:( Great Egrets @ Leadville Side and Rankin Side )

This late afternoon on Aug. 26, 2007 Shane and Dennis was coming back from 
Dutch Bottoms in Cocke County after we met with the Don Miller and the 
Greeneville birdwatching group and thank you for having us and we stopped at 
Leadville in White Pine while heading home I saw about 20 Great Egrets at 
Leadville side and flying over and at Rankin side and Great Blue Herons also on 
both sides and in the wetlands at Rankin next to the railroad and passed the 
coal tipple at the end of the road facing Leadville.

Shane Adams
Hamblen County / Morristown, TN.
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