[TN-Bird] Eagle at Cool Springs

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I  work in one of those nondescript office buildings on the east side of the
interstate at Cool Springs, next to where the Nissan headquarters building
is located.    I see  vultures several times a day,  and many days the local
redtail hawk. (One day I audibly gasped while on the phone when it almost
crashed into the third floor window directly in front of me as it chased its
prey.)  Tuesday I had spotted a blue heron with its lunch as I sat in a
less-than-stimulating training.  I am amazed that practically none of my
coworkers notice the birds flying by.

Friday afternoon I was looking out the window and was shocked to see a bald
eagle soar by the window.  I jumped up to try to track it but couldn't find
it again.  My team supervisor advised me I was crazy, there are no eagles in
Tennessee.  I politely told her otherwise, but no one seemed to believe me.
I was quite thrilled to come home & belatedly look at last Wednesday's
headline story in the Franklin Review Appeal section of the Tennessean about
the eagles at Jackson Lake, a subdivision to the west of the interstate.   I
confess I can't wait to see the faces when I post the article on the
bulletin board with a note that the eagle was spotted right outside our

Thais Carr
Thompsons Station

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