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The Greene County chapter of TOS  has scheduled a field trip to Dutch 
Bottoms in Cocke county today, 8/26/07, from 4:30 until ??  Don Miller is 
leading the group, and we'll be along, also.  Everyone is welcome to join 

Shorebird sightings at Dutch Bottoms this past week include black-bellied, 
semipalmated, and piping plovers; American avocet (13 on 8/25); greater & 
lesser yellowlegs; willet, ruddy turnstone, spotted, semipalmated, western, 
least, pectoral & stilt sandpipers, short-billed dowitcher, and Wilson's 
phalarope.  Caspian and black terns have also been present, and osprey, 
cormorant, great egret, green & black-crowned night heron are usually there.

Viewing will be from the lakeshore at the south end.  Turn off Hwy 25E at 
the well-marked curve about 2.5 miles south of Walters Bridge.  Then follow 
the track along and on the old highway north about one mile.  The road is 
rough but manageable without 4WD. There had been a chance of rain in the 
forecast, but the latest report calls for fair weather.  Spotting scope 

Michael Sedjeski & Leslie Gibbens
Del Rio TN

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