[TN-Bird] Dutch Bottoms - 14 shorebird spp

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Douglas Lake (@964.9'), Cocke & Jefferson counties, 8/20/07
Dutch Bottoms & Ten Islands, by canoe, 4:30 - 8:00

Since the prime mudflats at Dutch Bottoms will soon be accessible by land - 
i.e., ATV rampaging- we decided we should go out to see what had flown in.  
We were rewarded with closeup looks at piping plover, willett, dowitcher, 
and ruddy turnstones (photos available) and good numbers of several 
sandpiper species.

At about 7:00 a fair warm wind rose out of the west and Leslie fashioned a 
sail from a shirt and a paddle; the breeze blew us 2 miles upriver to Ten 
Islands.  We watched great egrets in loose flocks cruising to roost near 
Leadvale, and late stragglers flew against the sunset sky as we motored back 
to Walters Bridge.

Shorebirds seen:
Black-bellied plover (molting adult)
Semipalmated plover (7)
Killdeer (145)
Greater yellowlegs
Lesser yellowlegs (8)
WILLETT (juv., western subspecies, according to Sibley)
Spotted sandpiper
RUDDY TURNSTONE (2, crisp breeding plumage)
Semipalmated sandpiper (about a dozen)
Western sandpiper (8)
Least sandpiper (112)
Pectoral sandpiper (88)
Short-billed dowitcher (1 juv., 1 ?)

Geat blue heron (30)
Great egret (102)
Green heron (6)
Osprey (4)
Ring-billed gull (12)
Caspian tern

Michael Sledjeski & Leslie Gibbens
Del Rio TN

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