[TN-Bird] Douglas Lake: Swann's Bridge

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Jefferson county, 10/14/07, 4-7 PM
Lake elevation 947.4 ft.

The most ample  mudflats on Dougas are  now in the vicinity of Swann's Brid=
ge (the I-40 crossing).  We put in our canoe at Swann's Marina and traveled=
 up the lake about 3 miles.  A crowd of shorebirds was visible a half-mile =
across a couple of sloughs - we could make out a few species among numerous=
 peeps and killdeer.  There were several Pluvialis individuals, most likely=
 American golden-plovers.  We decided to return next day for a better look =
from shore.

Partial list:
Wood duck (6)
Double-crested cormorant (66)
Great blue heron (42)
Great egret (35)
Bald eagle (2)
Semi-palmated plover
Killdeer (55)
Gr. yellowlegs (3)
Lesser yellowlegs (39)
Pluvialis sp. (8)
Peeps (60+)
Pectoral sandpiper
Ring-billed gull


10/15/07, 5-7 PM
Lake elevation (947 ft.)

We got permission from the management of Fancher's Campground to drive down=
 their boat ramp to the lakeshore.   The folks at the campground were frien=
dly; the ramp offers an excellent overview of much, but not all, of the sho=
rebird habitat west of Swann's Bridge. This  may be the most convenient sit=
e for birding on Douglas Lake- exit I-40, cross the lake on the 25-70 bridg=
e;  the access road to Fancher's is at the south end of the bridge.  =20

Partial list:
Killdeer (52)
Gr. yellowlegs (3)
Lesser yellowlegs (45)
Least sandpiper (82)
Western sandpiper (6)
Ring-billed gull (29)

Michael Sledjeski & Leslie Gibbens
Del Rio TN

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