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After some discussion at the CBC compilation last night, I wondered if it might 
be a good idea to tighten up our documentation requirements.  Suggestions:
For the observer, all sworn and notarized:  
  Age (there go our lady observers)
  Education summary (with official transcripts)
  Financial statement
  Background check by local and state police
  Security check by FBI
  Lab tests for drug use (blood and urine specimens required)
  Recommendations from pastor, employer, neighbors

For the bird:
  Photos (anterior, posterior, dorsal, ventral, lateral;
                in flight, perched, wings outstretched and folded)
  Length, wingspread, wing chord, bill length, weight (all in metric units)
  DNA sample, blood chemistry, body fat index
  If a migrant, passport and visa
  If a resident, tax receipts for residence

This would make a minimum starting point; send your suggestions and I'll 
compile them.

David Patterson
Chattanooga, TN
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