[TN-Bird] Directions to the Pits, Earth Complex, Ensley Bottoms in Memphis TN

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Directions to the Pits, Earth Complex, Ensley Bottoms.
Memphis, TN (Shelby County)

Well my first attempts at using Windows live directions failed here goes

 This link gets the directions. Once to the link click on, Collections,
Open, select Ensley Bottoms you'll have the Scratchpad notes on the right
and on map and the directions on the left.


Coming from Missouri/Arkansas take I-55 South into Tn, take exit # 9 Mallory
Rd. If coming from the East Take I-55  North like your going to Arkansas and
get off at exit # 9 Mallory Rd.


Follow the links above msn map/directions will get you from the exit though
the wetland birding area (Riverport Rd) to the entrance to the PITS. You can
use aerial or map view prior to printing map and directions.


Highly recommend first time visitors to post a request try to link up with
someone from Memphis to visit this area for the first time. It is very large
and imposing area. Check in at office to tell them your there. Also the TVA
area, plant, their ponds etc is off limits now due to homeland security
purposes. Stay out of way of the trucks and tractors, stay in the dry areas
of the paths. Don't fall in the water! (Supposedly that's what it is.) Enjoy
the Treatment Plant, Earth Complex, Ensley Bottoms or "The Pits". Your
olfactory senses will be pushed to the limits here, weak stomachs may not be
able to take the smell, pray for a slight breeze. Bug spray a must and yes
it is hot. There are no facilities.


Spotting scope will help out greatly.  Enjoy the Birding.


Fellow MTOS members if I forgot something???? Please let me know.


Jay Walko, 718 Gable Lane, Collierville, TN 38017


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