[TN-Bird] Dickcissels and loons, etc. Cumberland Co.

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This morning (June 7, 2012) and yesterday morning I birded at Lake Tansi in
southern Cumberland County and at Shadow Mt. Estates (a large field area
along Dunbar Rd. a couple of miles south of Lake Tansi). 


Most notable was the colonization of Shadow Mt. Estates by 9 singing
Dickcissels, evenly distributed throughout. None were found there in 2009; a
pair successfully nested there in 2010; and in 2011 a male was singing along
nearby Winningham Rd., so this is a newly-formed colony. I'm not aware of
any other Dickcissels in the county.  


Also notable was the absence of Savannah Sparrows, which in 2009 colonized
this area and the nearby UT Grasslands Unit (up to 6 singing males and/or
pairs that year). Fewer have been found each year since, with none this year
(though they still winter there).


Grasshopper Sparrows (14 found today, mostly non-singing birds) have been
common here each of these years, so there's not an obvious habitat change at
Shadow Mt. Estates. Other birds of note were 2 N. Bob-whites calling, and
yesterday a Willow Flycatcher was singing along nearby Dunbar Rd. (as in
past years).


Lake Tansi had 2 Common Loons this morning, one in breeding plumage and one
in winter plumage (this bird also seen yesterday). Yesterday (June 6) there
was an adult Bald Eagle. The Mute Swan that has wintered at Lake Tansi the
past two years was also seen on June 6 along Arrowhead Drive in its usual
location. This is the first time I've seen it in the breeding season,
casting more doubt about its wildness. I've seen the bird in flight (once),
and I've seen it at a another lake about 2-3 miles away.


Ed LeGrand

Crossville, Cumberland Co., TN


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