[TN-Bird] Davidson Co. Bald Eagles

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Dec. 16, 2005
Harpeth River State Park
Davidson County TN
Driving past Hidden Lake section of Harpeth River State Park today I observed 
a "pair" of adult Bald Eagles circling overhead. As I passed they were joined 
by a third adult. Park manager Jane Polanski had reports of individual BAEA 
sightings this fall and recently sighted one here herself. This park is not far 
as the eagle flies from a consistently occupied eagle nest site in Cheatham 
Co. to the west.

Driving into Nashville on Interstate 40 another "gathering of eagles" of 
sorts was observed: 5 F15 jets doing a fly-over in preperation for Sunday's 
Tennessee Titans game. The real birds were much more impressive to me.

Richard Connors

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