[TN-Bird] Dark eyed Junco

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  • Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2011 17:05:26 -0600

Right you are and thanks to all for clearing the clouds from my brain. Must 
have been the elevation that got me all twisted up. Ironically, as I sat 
reading today's emails leading me in the right direction, a Dark-eyed Junco was 
having a nice sunflower seed meal under my feeder here in Wilson county.

Mitch Mobley
Lebanon (Laguardo)TN
Wilson County 

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  Hi Mitch. Glad to see you took time to report some birds found in the Smokies.
  Concerning the birds with white outer tail feather, a really good possibility 
is Dark-eyed Junco. Fairly common in the Smokies, and more likely this time of 
year than Gnatcatchers. Were the birds seen near the ground, or at least lower 
in vegetation? That would point strongly to Junco, and away from Gnatcatchers, 
which are usually higher up in trees (though either species can go to anywhere 
they like!)

  David Trently
  ...come see the real world...

  Partnership for International Birding


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