[TN-Bird] Dark Phase Jaeger flyby at Snow Bunting Peninsula

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  • Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2011 12:16:00 -0500

Snow Bunting Peninsula
Old Hickory Dam Area
Davidson Co., TN
2011 Sep 6
9:50-11:35 am
cloudy &  very rainy

In addition to the shorebirds and terns mentioned earlier, we had yet
another good sighting. Over a half dozen birders braved the rain or
sat in  their vehicles looking at the great variety of species.

Scott Somershoe had literally just said that we needed a Jaeger when
I looked up overhead into the rain and saw a dark bird approaching.
It passed overhead at Snow Bunting Peninsula and very fortunately
Ed Schneider got some photos of it as it headed toward the dam.
I watched it as it chased a tern that had just caught a fish.
Hopefully from the photos we'll be able to get a specific species
ID for that dark-phase JAEGER.

At 11:30 am when I left, there was still at least 1 RED KNOT there.
Plenty of COMMON TERNs and BLACK TERNs around as well.
Frank Fekel

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