[TN-Bird] Common Merganser at partly frozen Lake Tansi, Cumberland Co.

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  • Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2015 19:21:31 -0600

I checked out Lake Tansi this afternoon (Thursday, Feb 19) since the smaller
lakes and ponds have frozen here on the Cumberland Plateau. As expected, the
area's ducks were concentrated in the remaining open water there, including
a female Common Merganser. This has been a good year for Canvasbacks and
Redheads, which were there in good numbers today. 


Lake Tansi, Cumberland Co., US-TN

Feb 19, 2015 4:15 PM - 5:00 PM

Comments:     Lake Tansi beach, Fisherman's Point, Arrowhead Drive; lake 70%
frozen (all smaller lakes and ponds completely frozen) from recent cold snap
and ice storm; 8 degrees F, wind approx. 10 mph off the lake, clear skies;
water open only along northeast part of lake with good concentration of
waterfowl, all of which were visible though the poor light, light surface
vapor, and wind made ID of many individual ducks difficult; no grebes found!
remarkably few coots.

19 species


Canada Goose  45

Mute Swan  1     usual bird, but out in open water (cove completely frozen)

Wood Duck  5

Gadwall  25

American Black Duck  5

Mallard  200

Northern Shoveler  3

Canvasback  125     likely under-estimated

Redhead  75

Ring-necked Duck  600

Lesser Scaup  1

Bufflehead  30     low numbers

Hooded Merganser  2

Common Merganser  1     female seen close to shore with Mallards (similar
size; i.e. large for a merganser); standard field marks noted: pale gray
body, rusty head (with ragged crest) and upper neck sharply demarcated from
grayish white lower neck and with white chin sharply demarcated from rusty
head and neck; photos taken (one photo shows the nostril rather far out on
bill--"field mark" for telling from Red-br. Merganser)

Ruddy Duck  20     low numbers

American Coot  30     low numbers

Sandhill Crane  4     flying west overhead near UT Grasslands Unit (not
apparently migrating based on low height and direction)

Red-headed Woodpecker  1

White-throated Sparrow  1


Ed LeGrand

Crossville, Cumberland Co., TN


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