[TN-Bird] Christmas Day at Wilbur Lake, Carter Co., TN

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  • Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2005 14:50:51 EST

A quick trip to Wilbur Lake with Amos and Peggy Stevens and David Thometz 
resulted in some nice looks at some good birds. We didn't have to search for 
Bald Eagles. Paul and Edna Dempke, Erwin, had already located them. We put a 
scope on the birds for the Dempkes to get an even better look at the two adult 
Bald Eagles.
Other birds:
Gadwall- 4
Black Duck- 1
American Wigeon- 1
Ring-necked Duck- 31
Mallard- 35+
Canada Goose- 100+
Bufflehead- 200+
Wild Turkey- 12
Raven- 2
Cooper's Hawk- 1
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker- 1
Eastern Bluebird- 6

Bryan Stevens,
Hampton, TN

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