[TN-Bird] Christmas Bird Counts, tri-state area

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The following Christmas Bird Counts in the TN-AR-MS tri-state area  scheduled 
as follows:
Fayette County, TN - Dec 17 - Kate Gooch, compiler _-goochpb@xxxxxxxx 
Memphis - Dec 18 - Margaret Jefferson, compiler - _mjefferson100@xxxxxxxxxxxx 
Arkabutla, MS - Dec 28 - Van Harris, compiler - _pyrpyrfect@xxxxxxxx 
(mailto:pyrpyrfect@xxxxxxx)  (inclement weather  - Dec 29)
Wapanocca, AR/Shelby Forest, TN - Dec 31 - Dick Preston, compiler -(AR) 
_donaldpreston@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (mailto:donaldpreston@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)   ; 
Harris -(TN) _pyrpyrfect@xxxxxxxx (mailto:pyrpyrfect@xxxxxxx)   (TN)
These CBC's have traditionally been operated largely by the Memphis Chapter  
of TN Ornithology Society.  Due to the unavailability of some regular  
participants, the chapter is somewhat short-handed this season.  If you are  
available and wish to participate, please contact one of the compilers listed  
Van Harris
Millington, TN

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