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The Chimney Swifts are  Coming!  
Dear Associate,

The  first Chimney Swifts of the season have been sighted on the Gulf Coast 
 retuning from their wintering grounds in South America. As in past years  
we will be plotting the swifts' movements northward over the next few  
months. Please let us know when you see the first ones in your area. This  
results will be posted on our web site at: WWW.CHIMNEYSWIFTS.ORG  along 
with past years' efforts.

You can help us get the word our by  passing this message along to any 
groups or organizations who might want  to contribute.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Paul and  Georgean Kyle

Project Directors
Driftwood Wildlife  Association
_Please visit  our website!  

This year's
"A Swift Night  Out"
dates will be
August 6,7, 8
September 10, 11,  12  

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