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The Chattanooga Chapter of TOS invites you to attend our December =
meeting, Thursday Dec. 8, at 7:00pm, at Acsension Lutheran Church, 720 =
S. Germantown Rd, Chattanooga.

The December program, The Hummingbirds of Ecuador, will be presented by =
Richard Connors of Nashville TOS.  Anyone who has seen one of Richard's =
programs knows that his images are first class.  Hope you will not miss =
this chance to see this program based on a recent trip made by Richard =
to see these winged jewels.

The program will be prececeded by our "Bird-of-the-month" presentation =
on the American Woodcock by Bill Haley.

Light refreshements will be served courtesy of Barbara and Jim Eager.

David Vogt
Chattanooga, TN=20
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