[TN-Bird] Chattanooga Broadtail Hu.

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Dec. 9, 2005 Chattanooga
Hamilton Co. TN 
As of noon today the imm. Broadtail Hummingbird was still in residence at the 
Williams' on Signal Mt. The feisty young male was not intimidated by a close 
approach for photos, kept claim on his feeder and let the cardinals and 
chickadees know if they got too close also.

 I can now understand why wandering western hummers ( the Williams were host 
to a Rufous last year, lucky folks!) adopt this spot for winter residence- the 
view across the Tennessee River Gorge is inspiring and spectacular and 
reminiscent of their Rocky Mt summer home.

Thanks to the Williams for their hospitality. And thanks to Dave Vogt and 
Chattanooga TOS for coming out on a rainy Thursday night to attend their 
and be an audience for my Ecuador hummingbirds slide show.

Richard Connors

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