[TN-Bird] CORRECTED with county and date -- pelicans at South Holston Lake

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Spring Creek
South Holston Lake
Sullivan Co., TN
17 May 2010

Seven American White Pelicans were loafing in the Spring Creek
Embayment of South Holston Lake this evening, just before dark.
The birds are an apparent fallout from the heavy rainstorms which
hit the area.  Four white pelicans were found at Musick's Campground
8 April 2006 following a similar rain event and storm fallout.
The species is considered "accidental" in the Northeast Tennessee
five-county area by Knight (BNET, 2nd., 2008), who lists five
records for the species.  These seven pelicans represent the maximum
count for NET.  The previous high was four.
The region maximum count for the species is eight photographed
by Susan Hubley of Rogersville and observed on John Sevier Lake
behind her house in Hawkins County, TN on 18 April 2007.
A digiscope photo was made of the pelicans seen today.
Let's go birding . . . .

Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN

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