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16 November 2011

It is with much sadness that I report the passing of C. E. Blevins on November 
14, 2011.  C. E. was a retired art teacher, missionary, and minister, who was 
once given a book of bird eggs. Fascinated by the variety of shapes and colors, 
he set out to replicate as many bird eggs as he could.  Over the next 20 years, 
he perfected his techniques and subsequently recreated the eggs of over 1,200 
bird species in exacting detail.  The Los Angeles Museum of Natural History was 
so impressed by his egg replicas that they asked if he would make a set of eggs 
for the museum to replace the deteriorating eggs in their collection.  C. E. 
felt that the task was too monumental and declined, but the offer is testimony 
to the quality of his work.  His eggs got the attention of the  U. S.  Fish and 
Wildlife Service in 2008, and they invited him to display some of his eggs at a 
couple of public events they have held at the National Conservation Training 
Center in West Virginia.  C. E. was a frequent exhibitor at the Hiwassee crane 
festival, and even created the world's largest Whooping Crane egg to display 
there. To preserve his work and to teach people about birds, C. E.'s son Joel 
founded the C. E. Blevins Avian Learning Center in Cohutta, GA, and His 
grandson, Zach Reynolds, is carrying on his egg-making tradition.  To learn 
more about the avian learning center and to read more about the life of C. E. 
Blevins, visit http://www.avianlearningcenter.com/

David Aborn
Chattanooga, TN

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