[TN-Bird] Burke's Garden Field Trip Results

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Hello Birders!  Today's field trip to Burke's Garden in Tazwell, VA was 
interesting in several ways.  First of all, the turnout of 16 was excellent 
given the distance that many people traveled!  Also, the snow conditions were 
amazing.  In spit of our lack of snow in the Tri-Cities area, Burke's Garden 
was buried and snow removal was still taking place even though roads were safe. 
 The slopes outside the valley were white with light snow, but inside the 
valley, the slopes had a couple of feet of snow.  Piles of snow along the roads 
were up to 6 or 7 feet in places.  Most ponds were frozen over and streams had 
snow down to the water's edge in most places.  In spite of this, it was a great 
trip!  Great support within the group and absolutely beautiful scenery!  The 
bird list (unusually low) included:  Canada Goose (several), Wood Duck (2), 
Mallard (several), Green-winged Teal (2), Hooded Merganser (2), Turkey Vulture 
(2), Rough-legged Hawk (glimpsed by some), Red-shouldered Hawk (seen by two), 
Red-tailed Hawk (several birds), Golden Eagle (one, at a distance), Killdeer 
(1), Wilson's Snipe (1 easily seen by all), Mourning Dove (a few), Loggerhead 
Shrike (seen by a few), Blue Jay (a few birds), American Crow (abundant), 
Common Raven (8 - 10), Horned Lark (seen by most, small flock), Tufted Titmouse 
(a few), European Starliing (many), House Sparrow (several).  21 species 
(unless I did not hear about one or two more).  But the natural beauty and 
group fellowship, added to the few good birds made it a great trip!  Thank you 
to all who participated!!!

John Moyle                               Glen Alpine Road                       
                  Kingsport/Sullivan County 

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