[TN-Bird] Brown Headed Nuthatch

  • From: Tony Watson <twnurse2k@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2015 09:10:10 -0600

Brown Headed Nuthatch, Red Headed Woodpecker on a nest tree, and Canvasbacks 
were 3 of the 60+ species on one of  my top 2 birding days ever in East 
Tennessee. With Mark Alston. 
BH Nuthatches (2) were at Booker T Washington state park at the fishing pier. 
They were in a dying tree directly across the parking lot from the restrooms. 
The RH woodpecker was chasing other woodpeckers away from a hole in a large 
tree. It was near the end of Blythe ferry road on the west side of the river. 
It was in a stand of large trees directly across from the cemetery. 
The snow geese, white fronted geese, and the canvas backs were all seen from 
the gazebo at Hiawassi refuge. 
Hiwassi Refuge and Chickamauga lake
Mid 20's and clear skies 
Traveling 20 miles

At the refuge...
Yellow bellied sap sucker
Hooded Merganser
Blue jay
King fisher
Northern Flicker
Sand Hill Crane
Eastern meadowlark
Snow goose (light and dark phase)
Imm. Bald eagle
Great blue heron
Mocking bird 
Canada goose 
White fronted goose
Northern Cardinal
Brown Thrasher
Blue bird 
Morning Dove
American Robin
Swamp sparrow
Song sparrow
Ringbilled gull 
Pied bill grebe
Field sparrow
Car. Wren
At boat ramp on Blythe Ferry Road on West side of river

Red headed wood pecker
Downy woodpecker 
Ruby crowned kinglet
Golden crowned kinglet
Hermit thrush 
Black duck
Wood duck
Yellow rumped warbler
Pileated wood pecker
White throated sparrow
Chipping sparrow
White breasted nuthatch
Red shouldered hawk
Brown headed cowbird
Northern shouvler
Turkey vulture
Red tailed hawk

At Booker T. Washington State Park...
Brown headed nuthatch
Dark eyed junco
Gold finch
Common loon
Horned grebe 

At Chickamauga dam...
Lesser scaup
Black vulture

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