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  • Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2006 07:52:50 EST

Yesterday my wife and I walked a portion of the Levee  from the Shallowford 
Road entrance.  While not expecting much we were  pleased with several 
sightings.  At the first bend there was a handsome Red  Shouldered Hawk sitting 
on the 
wires.  In the horse pasture their were  two Turkeys.  Behind the school at 
the point the open water narrows into  the channel we spied an American 
Bittern.  A little farther up in the  channel was a Ruddy Duck.  In the large 
area of 
open water around mile 1.6  there were quite a few ducks including Gadwall 
and an American Wigeon.  On  the walk back I saw an American Pintail in the 
water behind the  school.  We also saw a Red Tailed hawk being chased by a 
small flock of  Bluejays.  Other sightings were Red Winged Blackbird, 
Yellow-Rumped  Warbler, American Coots, Pied Billed Grebe, Canada Geese, 
Mallards, Song  
Sparrow, Red Bellied Woodpecker, Mockingbird, and several  Killdeer.    It 
was a very nice sunny afternoon with no  wind.  
J. Marty Paige
Brainerd Levee    
Chattanooga TN    
Hamilton County

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