[TN-Bird] Bluebirds adjust to loss of parent

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  • Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 10:25:01 -0400 (EDT)

On June 8th the bluebird female of my second brood nesting pair was  last 
seen, leaving three juveniles and five nestlings with only one  parent.  I 
have been amazed to see how quickly the three  juveniles' behavior has changed 
from casual play and hunting, to taking a  serious role in helping feed the 
nestlings, as well as, guarding the nest  area.    
Yesterday I witnessed the last of the juveniles learn to navigate the  nest 
guard in order to feed the nestlings.  You can see a video of this on  my 
current blog post:  _http://vickiehenderson.blogspot.com/_ 
It will tug at your heart strings and stir other  questions.  
Vickie Henderson
Knoxville, TN
Knox County
_http://_ (http://vickiehendersonsketchbook.blogspot.com/) 
_vickiehenderson.blogspot.com_ (http://www.vickiehenderson.blogspot.com/) /
_http://_ (http://vickiehendersonsketchbook.blogspot.com/) 
(http://www.vickiehendersonsketchbook.blogspot.com/) /
_http://vickiehenderson.com_ (http://www.vickiehenderson.com/) /

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