[TN-Bird] Black Terns, Spotted Sandpiper, Sullivan Co.

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Gil Derouen, Reece Jamerson and Bryan Stevens made some birding stops in 
Sullivan County, TN, on Tuesday, Aug. 28.
At Musick's Campground, they had an Osprey and a couple of Great Blue Herons. 
From TVA area near Musick's, about 35 Mallards.

From atop Holston Dam, they observed four Black Terns on a rocky island.

At Middlebrook Lake, they had a Spotted Sandpiper and a couple of Killdeer on 
the dam. Also another Great Blue Heron and saw two adult Mutes Swans and one 
immature Mute Swan.

At Paddlecreek Ponds, they had four Wood Ducks, the resident Mute Swan, three 
Green Herons, a Great Blue Heron and four Killdeer.

On his way home, Bryan Stevens saw a Sharp-shinned Hawk fly across 19E in 
Valley Forge community of Carter County.

Bryan Stevens,
Hampton, TN

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