[TN-Bird] Birds sited at Pellissippi State Commty College

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On Sunday afternoon, took a stroll around the PSCC campus in northwest Knox County and spotted male and female Orchard Orioles at a nest near the east entrance, in the trees on the left of the driveway. There are also at least two pair of Eastern Kingbirds nesting in the Bartlett pair trees on the west side of the campus buildings; had great views of them both on the nest and foraging all around the campus. Also spotted juvenile Brown Thrashers, Bluebirds, and Red Winged Blackbirds along the walking trail. Another Orchard Oriole nest and female was sighted in the trees along the entrance to the Enclave Apartments across from campus.
Just also as a note of interest, a few weeks ago we spotted the largest snapping turtle I have ever seen (at least 12"x8") in the field on the east side of campus, apparently working his way back from the pond to a creek near the road. He was a foul tempered guy, too, who did not take kindly to our curiosity.
Patty Ford
Knox County - west
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