[TN-Bird] Birds have mouths wide open!

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  • Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 19:44:47 EDT

Hello Birders,
Here in the Charlotte Park section of West Nashville, my "hot" birds are  
hanging around with their mouths WIDE open!  I just snapped photos of a  baby 
mockingbird and a young starling with their mouths open so wide that I  thought 
they'd come unhinged.  The TV just reported that it's 105 degrees  here, and 
the birds are apparently gasping for air.  Rarely have  I seen them just stand 
or walk around with their mouths open so wide except when  they are begging the 
parents for food or screaming panic alarms.  
Even though I should not spend more than a few seconds at a time in this  
heat, I do try to change their water frequently or add ice cubes to it.   The 
water comes out of the tap luke warm even though the main line to my house  is 
about four feet underground.  There is no such thing as a cold shower or  a 
wash for my clothes much less having cold tap water for the birds.   As long 
as the ice maker works, I CAN keep trying to add a little ice now and  then to 
at least cool the birds' water down some.
Female and immature ruby-throated hummingbirds are keeping my feeder pretty  
busy.  Haven't seen a male for several days.  The hummers seem to  enjoy it 
when I put fresh sugar water from the REFRIGERATOR into the  feeder.  It is 
surely my imagination, but I could almost swear that I can  see smiles on the 
faces of the little "sweeties" when their tongues hit that  cool liquid.
Of course, I am keeping plenty of food out for the birds, and the squirrels  
are getting their share of everything as well.  All our wildlife need  
"special care" right now.
So many leaves are falling from my trees that birds are easier to see in  the 
not-so-dense foliage.  It is sort of like last spring after our Easter  
freeze.as far as visibility is concerned.
Stay well and cool, everyone.  It's blistering out there.  Maybe  the Texas 
hurricane will veer this way and bring us some rain before it plays  out.
Dee Thompson
Nashville, TN

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