[TN-Bird] Birding Friday 8-24

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  • Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 14:56:18 -0500

Lake co, Tn
Reelfoot lake,
Mississippi River 
Slough along Tiptonville Ferry Rd.
I started out the day with the usual Cardinals, T. Titmouse, Carolina 
Chickadees,and a Yellow throated Warbler on the deck along with the Carolina 
wren singing away....a barred Owl flew across the road and sat out for a while 
and the Osprey were out fishing early...lots of DC Cormorant on the lake.  The 
Great Egrets continue to roost on the lake at night.  Drove through Black Bayou 
and it was quiet and dry.  Only Red Winged Black birds seen at the Rice 
field....Champy Pocket was quiet, only a few G. Egrets and Great Blue Herons. 
and DC cormorants and lots of stumps are showing out in the middle of the lake 
when you look with the scope.....its amazing how many....Looks about like it 
does in the winter when all the divers are out there.....Keystone held one Ring 
billed Gull, Least Terns, and some rough-winged swallows and Barn 
Swallows....The river at the Tiptonville Landing was quiet, just a few small SP 
on the shore of the sandbar, only terns were Least.  Drove up the Tiptonville 
Ferry Road to the slough where some Roseate Spoonbills were spotted a few days 
ago and none seen.....will keep checking...did find a pocket of Shore birds on 
the flats of the slough :  Lesser Yellowlegs, 1-Greater Yellowlegs, Pectoral 
Sand pipers, a few least SP, Killdeer.  Lake co. is very dry..drove on up to 
Pea Ridge and to Jolly's Landing and found about 50 Black Terns off the landing 
and some Barn Swallows and Rough winged Swallows.  Lake # 9 is bone dry...There 
is some water at the Phillippy Unit of Black Bayou...no Shore birds, just 
Starlings and a few Red Winged Blackbirds...

On Thurs. 8-23 I saw one Mississippi Kite in Black Bayou and a Great Horned owl 
that evening on the road in front of the B&B by the lake..

Nancy Moore

Nancy Moore
Bluebasin Cove B&B
Reelfoot lake
Lake Co, Tn
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