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The attached e-mails provide some interesting ideas for using "birder cards"
to communicate the economic importance of birders.  Does anyone have a

Patrick March
Nashville, TN

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Many birding festivals give them out to their registered participants. They
encourage them to leave them at the tables of restaurants and hotels
whenever they patronize them. It is a great way of making businesses aware
of how lucrative it can be to attract and serve birders/ecotourists. 

Oscar Carmona, CPRP
Parks Superintendent
City of Arlington
Parks and Recreation
817-459-5498 Office
817-459-6497 Fax

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I think that's a wonderful idea. It will make a difference when it comes
time to consider habitat restoration, etc. I'll bring the subject up to the
TOS  board.

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Below is  a post from OHIO birds.  This sounds like a great idea.   Is
something like that implemented in Texas?  With all the rare  sightings
being found in Texas I would think this would be helpful for  cities to know
just how much is spent in their communities by birders. I  like to mention
to retailers that I am visiting for the birds.  Just a  thought.
Sue YOST ~^/^~
Highland Village, a N. burb of Dallas
Denton  Co

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For the last 10 years or so, various birding groups have been  giving out
cards which birders are to leave at places they visit, shop,  eat at, etc
telling the owners that birders were there and spent  money.  I always
wondered how effective they are.  Well Paula and  I found out.
Since the early 1990, when I go to the UP of Michigan, I eat  at Ang-Gio's
restaurant at least once over the weekend.  It is a  good Italian resturant.
While eating there Saturday night, we got  to talking with the owner.  When
I mentioned we were up there birding,  he got very excited and ran over to
the checkout counter.  He came  back with six of these cards which were
taped together.  They are  cards from one of Michigan's birding groups and a
little different than  ones I have seen.  They had a place for how much was
spent.  The  owner proudly showed us that these six cards represented over
$1000 in  meals from just the last couple of weeks.  He wanted to know if I
had  a card.  I had cards from the Kirtland Bird Club in Cleveland but  had
left them home.  Never again!  He made sure to tell me that  birders are
always welcome at his place and make sure I tell other  birders.  I doubt if
he donates to birder causes but I'll bet he  brings up birders at chamber of
commerce/business meetings.  So some  progress is being made to show the
business community that birders are an  economic force.

H. Thomas Bartlett
Tiffin,  Ohio

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