[TN-Bird] Big Sandy flats area (Henry Co); 8/30/07

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Big Sandy
Henry Co

After seeing Hap Chambers posts of late regarding great shorebirding at 
Blood River in KY, I made my 1st trip of the season to KY Lake. Normally the 
mouth of the Big Sandy River has the most extensive flats in this area, but 
as of yet there was only a sliver of a narrow grassy spit exposed. There 
were several Lesser Yellowlegs, Least, Semi and Solitary Sandpipers, among 
the Killdeer here. The drawdown should immediately, so the habitat will be 
here soon.

Though shorebirding was slow, passerines were numerous, even at mid-day. 
There were at least a dozen each of Prothonotary and Yellow Warblers along 
the dike I was on, with Pewee's especially numerous as well. The highlight 
was a spiffy young Least Flycatcher, my FOS.

Now, hopefully they will refind that Jabiru in MS!

Good Birding!!

Mike Todd
McKenzie, TN

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