[TN-Bird] Best Fall Ever in Our Yard

  • From: "Tommy Curtis" <tcbirdwatch@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 19:24:39 -0500

We had a Yellow-rumped Warbler in our yard yesterday and that sometimes
makes us a bit sad because it usually means the fall migration is about to
end.  But two White-throated Sparrows making their appearance this morning
made us smile and one of them singing made the smiles even wider.  This has
been the best fall ever for us - we've seen 25 species of warblers even
though we haven't seen some of the ones we have seen in past years like
Ovenbird and Nashville.  A Wilson's Warbler was our 142nd yard bird. Some of
the unusual birds were an apparent family of Red-headed Woodpeckers last
week with two adults and one juvenile.  This morning the resident Pileated
Woodpecker family entertained us the entire time we sat on the deck with
their baby making such delightful sounds as it chased the parents around the


Tommy & Virginia Curtis

Smithville, TN

DeKalb County

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