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Nov. 11, 2011
Benwood Lake
Crittenden Co. AR
The winds were high all day but most of the time was spent  sitting 
watching a sparrow patch. I must have checked half of the hundred or so  
that popped in and out of the grass. Kestrels and even a pair of  Harrier's 
that played over the patch for 45 minutes looking for treats, along  with 
stiff breezes kept the birds in hiding except for brief looks. I had had  good, 
but not definitive looks and took some distant photos of a suspected and  
surprising Brewer's Sparrow on Saturday but only had Savannah, White-crowned, 
 Song, Swamp, a LeConte's and Field Sparrows in the little patch  Sunday.
On the dwindling lake, other species were still present in  good numbers. 
The geese were amazingly working on daylight saving time also,  they came in 
on Saturday at 9:30 and had reset their clocks an hour later as  they came 
in at 9:45 Sunday??
There were over 100 Snows, 12 Ross's, that I could detect as  the poked up 
their heads (3 first winter) 28 Blue and the 1 hybrid goose.  Ten species of 
ducks were in the mix. Thirty AVOCVETS still sweeping the  waters, gobs of 
L-b Dowitchers, 42 Stilt Sandpipers, several hundred Dunlin and  Least 
Sandpipers, Killdeer, 8 American Golden-Plover were still present with 2  
Black-bellied that apparently did not like each other, plus I photographed a  
winter plumaged WESTERN SANDPIPER. Among the Red-tailed Hawks ( both eastern 
western varieties) an adult Krider's also graced the skies, no  eagles.   

Jeff R.  Wilson / TLBA
6300 Memphis-Arlington Rd.
Bartlett, TN. 38135_http://WWW.pbase.com/ol_coot/_ 
What  is this feathered thing that lifts my heart to the  heavens.

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