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I found myself in Johnson City (Washington CO) last night as a volunteer in a 
mock drill.  I had some time to kill and decided to check on the Barn Owls at 
the V.A. Theatre Building #35.  I found one adult sitting in the eaves on the 
front right corner of the building.  On the left side of the building I found 
one deceased nestling on the ground directly below one of the openings left for 
the owls to use as a nesting ledge.  Given the heat and the condition of the 
body in this terrible heat I would say he hadn't been there too long.  
I continued my stroll around the building and as I rounded the corner to the 
other side I heard movement in the eaves above.  The opening on this side of 
the building had little white downy feathers floating down.  I positioned 
myself for a better look and was soon treated to what appears to be a young 
bird.  His/her little head still had tufts of downy feathers and a little fuz 
on his/her back.  
It would appear that there may have been two active nests.  Perhaps two pairs 
sharing a fabulous nesting site.  It is unfortunate that one has been lost but 
it is wonderful to see the other prospering at this point.  
Michelle King
Blountville TN
Sullivan Co
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