[TN-Bird] Bad Start but a Good Day

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  • Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2013 17:31:34 -0500

We had a very bad start to our yard birding yesterday when the sun came over
the horizon and we found an Eastern Screech Owl dead in the road in front of
the house.  For these ten years we've lived here we've wanted one to nest in
the woods directly behind the house but have never even heard one call.  So
to find that beautiful little thing apparently killed by a passing car or
truck really made us sad.  But the day ended on a spectacular note as all
kinds of birds swarmed to our two bird baths sitting directly on the ground
near the brush pile.  At just one moment there were 3 Yellow-rumped Warblers
in one of the baths and 2 Yellow-rumped, 2 Titmouses, and a Cardinal and
Red-winged Blackbird in and sitting on the other one.  From 4:30 p.m. until
5:30 p.m. others joined in including a White-eyed Vireo, Doves, and
White-throated, House, and Song Sparrows.  We've never had so many birds
coming to the baths in such a short period of time and we watched and smiled
for a long time as the sadness of the morning turned into the joy of the


Tommy & Virginia Curtis

Smithville, TN

DeKalb County 

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