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The American Eagle Foundation of Pigeon Forge, TN has a great write-up in the 
Jan-Feb 2006 issue of Audubon Magazine.  The full article can be accessed by 
clicking on:  "Current Issue" on the page below, then on "The NASCAR 
Conservationist" on the NEXT shown page.

Bob Hatcher
Brentwood, TN 


      Magazine of the National Audubon Society
      January-February 2006 

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        b.. Change of Address 
        c.. Jobs at Audubon 
        d.. Advertise with Audubon 
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      NASCAR Conservationist 

      In late 2004 Al Cecere, founder and president of the American Eagle 
Foundation, was on Capitol Hill, trolling for votes for a bill he had hatched, 
the Bald Eagle Coin Act. Its goal was to raise $10 million for bald eagle 
recovery projects through the U.S. Mint's sale of commemorative coins after the 
bald eagle goes off the endangered species list, probably this year. Perched on 
Cecere's left arm for his seven-and-a-half-day marathon mission to Congress was 
Challenger, the nationally known celebrity eagle . . . 

            Events, Contests & Special Offers from Audubon Advertisers 



      Challenger, America's most famous bald eagle, crisscrosses the country, 
bringing the case for conservation to Americans of all stripes. 

      Photograph by Craig Cutler   



        a.. The Oldest Music
        Scientists are only beginning to make sense of birdsong. A new book 
sheds light on one of nature's enduring mysteries. 
        b.. Sustainable Eating 
        A guide to foods good for you and the environment. 
        c.. Sound Off! 
        Readers weigh in on Ted Williams's Guns & Greens and other issues. 
        d.. Plants for Your Rain Garden.
        A bounty of wildlife-friendly native plants just right for your part of 
the country. 

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        k.. Spider Delight 




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