[TN-Bird] Are you ready to "get Rusty"??

  • From: Cynthia Anne Routledge <routledges@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2015 14:14:41 -0600

TOMORROW, March 1st is the International Opening Day of the Rusty Blackbird
Spring Migration Blitz and Tennessee¹s time to shine!
As it was last year the Blitz challenges birders to seek Rusty Blackbirds
throughout this species¹ entire migratory range, from the southeastern U.S.
through the Northeast, Midwest, Canada, and Alaska. It¹s easy to
participate- bird as you normally do and search especially carefully for
Rusty Blackbirds- then report your results to eBird under the ³Rusty
Blackbird Spring Migration Blitz² survey type, even if you don¹t find a
Rusty.  Or, visit one of our Rusty Blackbird Areas of Interest (visit our
interactive map at 
to help us assess consistency of migratory timing and habitat use during
spring migration.
Many Rusty Blackbirds spend the winter in Tennessee, so our job is largely
to document when Rusties get ready for migration and subsequently leave our
region to head north to their breeding grounds.  To give you a sense of when
peak migratory activity is likely to occur in our area, we¹ve posted a list
of suggested target dates for each region:
http://rustyblackbird.org/outreach/migration-blitz/states-and-dates/ .
However, migratory timing can vary annually based on weather and climate,
and in Tennessee there were reporting Rusty sightings into April last year,
so any Rusty reports during the Blitz period of 1 March through 15 June will
help our effort. 
For more information on Blitz objectives, along with Rusty Blackbird
identification tips, data collection instructions, and data reporting
information, you can find additional resources at
We hope you¹ll ³get Rusty² with us to help conserve this elusive and
vulnerable songbird! Also, follow us on Facebook to hear about Rusty
sightings, see Rusty pictures, and get the latest Blitz news:

So get our thereŠlook for those leaf tossing, wetland loving Rusty
BlackbirdsŠsubmit your data and show everyone that Tennessee volunteer

  ( \
  / |`   Cyndi Routledge
           TN Rusty Blitz Coordinator

Southeastern Avian Research
Specializing in Winter Hummingbird banding
1515 N. Willow Bend Court
Clarksville, TN  37043

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